Stephen J. Forman, M.D.
Stephen J. Forman M.D. - By finding out the needs of our patients and families before therapy begins, we can anticipate potential challenges and build on strengths to come up with solutions to their needs, both practical and spiritual.
Joanne Mortimer, M.D.
Arti Hurria, M.D. - By having this information in real-time, my initial encounter with the patient is more effective and efficient. Often problems are identified by SupportScreen that the patient has not volunteered to the health care team previously.
Christina Eckhart, Patient
Christina Eckhart, Patient - I loved this program; it helps to identify patients needs and concerns and puts their mind at ease while going through treatment.
Laura Kruper, M.D. Assistant Professor and Surgeon, General Oncologic Surgery
The SupportScreen is an extremely valuable tool for physicians – it allows us to better tailor our conversations with patients to focus on their individual needs, concerns and questions about therapy and treatment options. The SupportScreen is an ideal tool for any practice setting to provide individualized care for patients.
Robert J. Morgan, Jr. M.D., F.A.C.P. Professor of Medical Oncology
My patients are complex on multiple levels.  The automated screening and triage, real-time communication and the provision of tailored educational materials, allows me to be the doctor.  The clinic visit is focused and incredibly efficient – no need to fish for potentially sensitive but essential information, it is all there already.
Sheila Hammer, M.S.W.
The utilization of SupportScreen offers the opportunity for early education to patients to learn about the vast resources the DSCM and Biller Resource center have to offer in the beginning of their treatment.
Danny Duque, Patient Services Navigator
The SupportScreen was very helpful to our patients because it allows them to efficiently and effectively communicate their needs without any stress because of the tailored and customized questions already been set and allows the clinician to anticipate and to come up with the solutions to their needs.
Liz Chavez, Patient Resources Coordinator
I am able to help more patients by providing them transportation resources.  Some of our patients don't know that ACS can assist with mileage reimbursement.
Product Shot


  • Enhances timely communication
  • Addresses your patients needs
  • Increases patient satisfaction
  • Identifies barriers to adherence with medical care
  • Promotes patient safety
  • Time saver for you
  • Reduces costs due to clinic disruptions, extended hospital stays, emergency room visits, unnecessary testing
  • Raises the quality of services
  • Identifies patients interested in clinical trials
  • Provides in-depth information about your patient population
  • Database for research
  • Differentiates you in the marketplace


Automated Features

  • Provides patient-friendly electronic interface
  • Communicates clinically relevant patient information
  • Summary Report for physician printed and electronic
  • Tailored educational written information printed
  • Personalized resources printed
  • Interventions implemented and recorded in chart
  • Criteria-driven referrals to professionals and community-based resources
  • Individual patient responses electronically recorded into a database for analysis
  • Cumulative report
  • Repeated screenings (can not be screened within 30 days of first screening)

Security Features

  • Controlled levels of access
  • Firewall protected
  • MRN encrypted
  • Patient security: requires medical record number, patient name and DOB

Database Features

  • Clinical Research
  • Data easily exportable
  • Pre-populated demographic and clinical information

About SupportScreen

  • A highly integrated electronic system that enhances your ability to maximize the clinical encounter
  • State of the art touch-screen technology to enable patients to effectively and efficiently communicate with you
  • Highly adaptable system to meet the needs of your patients


  • Helping your patients
  • Documenting and supporting your value
  • Protecting your time
  • Increasing your referrals
  • Saving your institution money